The NEW Updated, loaded Intuition Method Course is Launching in September with some high level updates on Manifestation, Spiritual Downloads and Reality Uploads.

It includes the newly discovered formula for the PreSent Moment for creating your life and so many other new discoveries and expansions since the first course.

"The techniques and steps are organized into this course, so you can learn to use your powerful gifts of awareness and your rightful abilities to have a better, more insightful, courageous, and empowered life."

If you are reading this, you are part of the growing group that is already aware that intuition and the ability to use energy abilities is real. You know you are powerful and are here to explore the possibility of how to develop it further. You may even have felt it was that with proper training it can be learned and enhanced.

If you are one of the people that can't ignore that there is a real "sixth sense" and the more you learn how to use it, the more it will help you live your best life and if you want it, learn more about who you are and what you are capable of.

Some people are going through life not knowing the gifts that are inside of them. They feel there is something more, but like most people, don't know how to open the door.

Sure, intuition or psychic downloads and abilities such as knowing what others feel can get activated without knowing how if happened. It's like the times when you got a feeling you should not go out and you ignored the inner message. Then something negative happened. You looked back and knew that your intuition gave you a message to protect you and you didnt listen. You learned the hard that time. Next time, if you undersand your intutiion is giving you the most important messages, you will listen, because it wants you safe and at the same time, it also may have a good surprise gift waiting for you at the same time, too.

Intuition and psychic abilities protect you first and give the treasures, like a lottery number or meeting the love of your life, once you learn how to use them better.

The more you listen, the more it will give you. If you are a good student, your teacher (you and your subconscious) moves you to the head of the class.

Your inner knowing will help you avoid dangerous situations that waste your time and energy and also help you to find the treasure waiting for you if you have proper training.

This course is a shortcut. It does not teach theories. It is also does not require many years of meditation or spiritual work to bring out your gifts. It teaches you how to do it and to use it.

It is not supposed to take years of practice to develop your natural talents and abilities. As a matter of fact, if you go through this course with a friend or study group, you will be able to use this knowledge and your abilities faster than what you believed possible.

Just like there is no instruction book for life, there has been no instruction book on your inner guidance, psychic abilities, and energy healing and reading skills.

The more people that trained in the intuition method, the more questions there were. It led me to spend time in meditation and conversation diving deeper into how our minds work so I could refine the method further. This is the updated version of The Intuition Method. If youve taken the course already, you still have access. What you will learn in this course will change the way you use your abilities to create your life forever.

If this is your first time taking this course, as you learn the information, take the time to prove to yourself you have these abilities. After all this time take a moment to Feel how good it feels.

You can be part of the quickly growing group of people on this planet to learn to activate and control your ability to ::manifest the life you want::.

If you feel like this is for you, I invite you to join us.

The best time is now. To naturally use the abilities you were born with to enhance your life and experience this part of your human potential is your birthright.

It's something you are born with! And it's also something you develop

Your natural abilities and skills that use something different than the 5 senses are part of the umbrella of the 6th senses. These use the body or mind as centers to receive or send information. Your 6th sense is actually your 1st sense! It only becomes your last sense, because you aren't using it.

You already have flashes of insight and small glimpses of the future, but I think you would agree that it is much more beneficial when it happens more often.

What if you can have it whenever you move your attention to it?


Our culture has a problem: It places beliefs in our minds using movies and TV. One of these beliefs is that intuition, energy healing, psychic abilities and manifesting or reality is fantasy or chance or even that one lucky person had a near death experience and now has these special abilities. You know inside that you have these gifts, too.

Some people meditate for many years and still do not notice psychic or intuitive abilities, because they have not been taught how to recognize them in their seed state. It's exactly like not knowing a plant is growing because it is busy building its network of roots underground. Your consciousness is doing the same thing.

If I hadn't read certain books or had certain teachers, I wouldn't have known that seeing auras, feeling energy or walking on fire was really real.

Every single one of us is EMPOWERED with these abilities. I know you feel this on some level, and now is the time, if you are ready, to activate your skills and recognize the messages that come in EVERYDAY.

I'm excited to tell you that you can Learn how starting now.

A Simple Example:

Your subconscious gives you a feeling when you are hungry. It gives you discomfort when you have to use the bathroom. Both feelings are subtle, but if you ignore them they get stronger. You learned what these feelings mean, because they are for survival. How often do you have to use the bathroom, and not know it? The answer is never!

Your Intuition works the same way. Once you are out of survival mode, intuition is truly a gentle gift. It will speak quietly unless it's an emergency, so you have to learn how to tune into the messages. The biggest surprise is that it's simple to learn.

As you go through the course, you are going to begin to know things that normally would seem unlikely to know.

For healers and those already very sensitive, you will notice a shift in your state of perception even faster.

This course will teach you the needed skills to gently hack into your higher awareness abilities, your intuition and it's many parts. You will learn the mechanics, so you can see what you've been missing, so it stands out to you as clearly as the moon in a perfect night sky.

While learning anything new can take practice, you already have the skills preprogrammedin your spirit and DNA, so the small amount of effort you put in will give you very fast results.

"Have you ever driven somewhere on autopilot and then realized that you had no memory of the drive? Intuition uses the same internal system."


The Intuition Method is the step by step course that teaches you to access and make available your natural inborn abilities. All of these skills are available to you now. You simply need step by step guidance to bring them out whenever you want them.

Learn to:

  • Access your intuition at will and get glimpses of the future.
  • Discover your empathic abilities and know exactly what others are feeling in relationships, work or just for practice.
  • Learn to see Auras for medical intuition, to fine tune your perception or just to see that you can.
  • You probably know that you have some ability to heal others. It's part of being human. Access your ability to heal others with noticeable results. Take your Reiki and Hands on energy work to the next level.
  • Learn to easily help with and clear someone's headaches
  • Find seated meditation difficult? Learn the "Matrix Bullet Dodging Technique" and you won't have to sit still to meditate or quiet the mind.
  • Learn 3 additional meditations to create stillness, so you can more easily get intuition's messages.
  • Feel energy from others with your hands or whole being to know if they are unhealthy or even know if they are attracted to you.
  • Sense radar and high powered electrical lines from a distance. This helps to avoid speeding tickets and may let you know why you get headaches in certain areas of your home from WIFI or electrical pollution.
  • Learn the Foundational Breath Technique and know when a situation, food, or person is right or wrong for you.
  • There is much more that I can't cover here, because some of it may sound a little hard to believe without learning the basics first.

Complete each lesson in order to develop your foundation, before moving on to the more advanced modules.

Any questions? Write to me. [email protected]


Hi, I’m Dr. William Kalatsky.

After over 20 years of working in health, wellness and consciousness, I'm sharing what I have learned and have been teaching my patients and clients in my practice for years.

The step by step slides and videos will give you access to your subconscious mind, intuition, empathic abilities and much more.

It's a Master's Degree in awareness and perception.

You, like me, will see and experience the world in a different way. If you are ready to wake up that part of you, scroll up and click the Red button.

If you read this far, you are here for a reason.

I hope you enjoy reconnecting with your natural abilities and the magic of being able to fine tunne the lens of your awareness as you learn The Intuition Method.

-Dr. William Kalatsky

Have you ever had Deja Vu?

It's a reminder that you have Intuition.

With Deja Vu, you are recalling a flash of intuition you received at an earlier time, but you missed the message. Your Intuition's message was about this situation, so you feel like it happened already. You had this knowledge in advance, a glimpse of the future. If you noticed it at the time, you would have prepared for it.

Deja Vu is a strange gift, like when your pet leaves you a dead mouse at the door. It's very cool that its happening, but the message isn't really clear. Deja Vu is giving you a proof for your intuition, and a clue to follow for those who want to see where it leads.
Deja Vu is a piece of the pattern, puzzle and formula to WAKE UP your intuitive abilities. The more deja Vu you have, the more naturally intuitive you are.
It's part of You trying to wake You up.